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There is more to Scottish heritage than bagpipes, haggis and kilts. Bill and Janet Gibson decided to keep the Scottish tradition alive by establishing the House of Scotland over 50 years ago. Now located at 309 Whitehorse Rd Balwyn, the House of Scotland is the only one of its kind in Australia specializing in quality Scottish kilts, sporrans and accessories as well as jewellery, clan plaques, books and giftware.

The shop is a must visit for those with an interest in Scottish heritage. For men who wish to hire the kilt for dress functions, Bill can also provide a variety of different styles of jackets and waistcoats to suit the occasion.

In Scotland’s turbulent past, a sprig of a local plant or vegetation would be attached to a clansman’s hat to denote his clan. Nowadays, crest badges show which clan the wearer is associated with.

“For that is the mark of the Scot of all classes… there burns alive in him a sense of identity with the dead, even to the twentieth generation
RL Stevenson